Moka and Chocolate

We were sitting under the tree and 2 beatiful girls walked by, dark Moka strawberry and Chocolate babe, a perfect combination. So we offered them a physical training course back at our apartment after a long workout the girls wanted too use the bathroom. Little did they know we had the bathroom rigged with hidden camera’s so we heard all there shit talking. Hey girls that’s just a beginning. Enjoy SPRINGBREAKSPYCAM

Fun in the sun

Look at these fine gorgeous legs… and what a treasure is in between them… you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been dieing to figure out what chicks like this are really all about and thanks to our hidden cameras and there lack of funds on spring I get the hole picture and I in turn pass all this knowledge and fine ass footage on to you to enjoy it with same as me at SPRINGBREAKSPYCAM

Hot latina chick

Anthony and I were roaming the beach in search of our next adventure when we saw this hot latina chick! Anthony rushed over and sweet talked his way into getting this beauty honey to come to our spot for some “fun.” I fucking love these glasses…no one would ever suspect there was a camera inside!!! Pam was more than willing to show us how she has fun during spring break….Enjoy this naughty babe at SPRING BREAK SPY CAM

Juicy fun

Tony and I we’re on the beach chillin when we ran into too these two gorgeous chicks.They looked bored so we invited them over too chill with us, they we’re a little shy at first but once chilling with us we could really loosen them up if you know what I mean. Little did they know we got a few games up our sleeves that we would like too share with these babes I hope there in for a lot of juicy fun .. Watch more at SPRINGBREAKSPYCAM

Found on the beach

I was chillin on the beach and I somehow lost my radio. While looking for it i saw this hot girl sitting all alone, she said she was on springbreak vacation and her friends we’re at a bar drinking. So i invited her too my place too chill for a little bit. She warmed up very quickly and all of the sudden….I had her ready to go…. Check out SPRING BREAK SPY CAM

Smoking hot

So I met up with this awesome babe right down at the beach in the afternoon. She was smoking, she was so hot ton the sun getting a suntan. She was even hotter, when she took my cock in her hand and started to play with it. Lick, suck and fuck at the end. Enjoy SPRING BREAK SPY CAM

Black beauty with perfect tits

I meet up with my friend Jake because I arrange a metting between him at the beach. And you would be surprised who we met down there. A black beauty with perfect tits.  She is an amazing, her ass was juicy and her horny pussy wanted my cock right in there. And her ass? Well Jake took care of it really well I think. Watch more at SPRINGBREAKSPYCAM

Beauty in the pool

Yo what up people? So at this spring break, my boy J mac and I pick up this cute honey from New York, she was having a time off and was resting at the pool. She was a bit hesitant to talk to us at the beginning, but we chat with her for a bit and she loosen up. She ended up on the top of me and J mac took her up her ass. New story at SPRINGBREAKSPYCAM

Naughty Micha

Micha McKinnon is a really pretty Sexaholic. I picked her up at the shopping village, I was pretending to be a photographer. We started to chat and she told me, she is here on spring break just to chill out and enjoy herself. And she did! Few seconds later! In my place! And oh man, she is naughty! Watch more at SPRING BREAK SPY CAM

Beach discovery

I was just wondering around and I meet up with this hot and sexy chick at the beach. Her name is Mikayla. Seriously when I tell you beautiful I mean it. She is a one hot babe and she knows what she is doing. I invited her to my place and she was up for it. You wouldn’t believe, what is inside of this beauty. Check it out at SPRING BREAK SPY CAM